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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Straight from My Heart A Check up.

Straight from My Heart  A Check up
Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to sit down and listen to what God has to say to me. I have been honest and frank.. A lot of my thoughts are pretty raw and it shows the real me.  Maybe you can relate.
I hear testimonies of how God is working in their life and I wonder if they are who they say they are , I wonder if God is truly authentic. Celebrities seem to be perky on the television but what are they like  at home and when  no one is looking?
How come these people are getting all the attention?

A friend of mine said something very profound. It probrally took them a while to be where they are  today. \being a  celebrity didn't come automatically. They still have their days.

I have to admit that I am judgmental when I listen to stories of success   I ask  myself was I truly listening to their story and God's voice or to the enemies lies.

I would love to be on Television and I would like to see my writing to be promoted and for people to take notice .  How come they to do this and I do not.    I fell into this pity party trap.

As I was writing I heard  God speak into my heart in his still small voice  that God is  the one who promotes you.  S eek God first and  have him to promote you.  Don't let the world or the church promote you but let God promote you.

God is the one who builds us up.

I guess sometimes I fall into the trap that people only see my limitations . In side my heart  I wonder  if people will see Jesus.  My focus is not on Jesus  but on myself. What others think of me is their opinion and it is only a opinion.

I  am sometimes not focused on  what the   Holy Spirit is speaking into my life. . I need to listen and  depend on the Holy Spirit 24/7 . I want Jesus to permeate his love and his light,to  radiate in me so that people will know I am in touch with Jesus all the time. 

This months devotional I am reading on is about adversity and I have to admit I am not really excited about it.
As I write in my journal I hear the small soft voice from the  Holy Spirit It's God's word. God's word is truth. Ask me to speak to you and I will speak through my word. 

 I realize I need  Gods correction in my heart big time.
I need to rest and listen to God's voice and slow down.

Jesus I commit to listening to your Holy Spirit on a regular basis for everything.
I commit to reading your word dilgently.
I am going to complain less and pray more.

I remember who I am ! in Christ and I ask Jesus for you to promote me and not myself,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How Mother of Writing Came to Be

Mother  of Writing

Mother of Writing came to be when I started my business Mother Mugs Baskets and Sewing 4 years ago.  I put together all occasion baskets and I put  my sewing projects in them .  I make bibs and blankets and quilts and PJ's along with shoppping bags as well.

I have always liked writing, During a stressful time in our marriage  12 years ago  I shut down inside.  I  didn't want to talk to anyone and I didn't want to go anywhere.  We were struggling financially and we were not communicating in our marriage.   Writing helped me to open up and let the hurt out and allow Jesus to heal me.

While  staying at  my childhood home I began to writing on mom's life.  I self-published it and I was encouraged by a friend to write about my life and about growing up in a Adoptive Home. Writing has become an outlet for me when I needed to get my emotions out whether they are good emotions and negative emotions.  During this time I have delved into God's word and  God speaks to me and I have grown closer to Jesus.

Writing has helped me heal and has strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

I am currently writing a  second book entitled Straight from My Heart.
I am not in any hurray of publishing my second book as I enjoy writing and need to sell my first book entitled Overwhelmed By God's Grace, Uncovering the Truth about Adoption.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mouse Unrest, Resting in Jesus

Matthew 11:28-30
Come to me all you labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest to your souls
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Last Tuesday I was thinking about this verse.  I was thinking about the rest God gives to us when we are weighed down with burdens.  Unknown to me I was carrying burdens but hadn't dealt with them.

I  had come up stairs for something and there was a cute mouse on my Kitchen counter .  The cut mouse idea wore off and  I  screamed and freaked out. I grabbed the cutting board and I whacked it several times. I dumped the mouse in my garden out front.  I was glad to get rid of the little rodent.  How dare this mouse inhabit my kitchen counter

I began to shake . I had just killed a mouse.  I called several people to tell them what I had done.

I started to cry.  The issues of missing my mom came up.  I wouldn't wish mom back. but I was missing mom.  Mom passed away 6 years ago in May.  I wanted to talk to mom and tell her all that I was doing and what was going on.   

I was also upset about the mouse and wondered if there might be a few otherones.  It turns out the neighbors had the family across the street from us.  I found it hard to sleep that night. 

After a few hours of not sleeping I said Jesus I give you my grief.  I will trust you to comfort me.  I will trust you.  You are here for me and I know you are trustworthy.   I started out saying I trust God because  Jesus has all authority.  I will trust God as Jesus is beautiful.  I will trust God as Jesus is my comfort.  I will trust God because Jesus is dependable.  
As I did this  I  sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit in my heart and I was able to relax and sleep.

I still am looking around corners for mice but haven't seen any and I hope not to.

By the way if any of you are wondering I threw out the cutting board.
We cleaned the kitchen counter. 

The next morning I had Maurice dispose of it and he couldn't find the mouse. I was hoping I wouldn't have to see the mouse again.  So I went out and yes the mouse was dead.


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