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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Heart Changed by God's word

God's word mirrors the condition of our mismatched heart
A Heart marred with sin
That only God can only make clean
When we own up to the condition of our heart
He exchanges our torn broken heart so that our heart is mended and made brand new.
A heart focused on God
Compelling us in our thoughts
To love him, to service him
To find nourishment
Changing us
That our hearts delight is to follow God's path
Seeking his will daily
by watching what we put in our mind
By what we watch on Television
Dwelling on negative thoughts
How we respond to show we love dearly in negative way
A heart attentive on God's word
A heart focused on wanting God's will
and not wanting our own way. Shows our hearts and lives are changed by God.

God's Love

His Love will quiet you
When I let Christ quiet me with His Love i am at Peace
When I let Christ quiet me with his love, his love continues to surround me
I am at peace,I need not fear, when I allow the Lord to quiet me
His gentle presence quiets me
with his love
His gentle presence quiets me
comforts my trouble heart when I allow Christ to quiet me


Home on the Hill
Where Jesus is king
Where the light on the Hill
Will shine through the name of the Lord
 and  He will be praised on the Hill
It's a dream that has now come true
Where laughter will be heard
Where friends will gather at our home on the Hill.

My Fear is Silenced by God's Grace

                                                        My fear is Silenced

                                                           By God's Grace 

                                            My fearful mind is silenced by God's Grace

                                                  God's grace assures me of his watchful care

                                                         I know God's Grace is enough

                                               For each moment, each hour of the day,

                                                         God's power rests on me

                                                 My heart is encouraged knowing


 God's Grace is Sufficent    
 Margaret Theriault

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wondrous Love

Wondrous Love, Such Love
God demonstrates His own love for me. His own love, Such Love for me. When I was still a sinner. Nails that slashed His gentle hand. You loved me even before I was born. Such love you demonstrated to the world. I drop down to my knees. Thank you for the miracle of  my new life with you


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