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Friday, January 27, 2012

Straight From My Heart

This has been a interesting week.

 Celebrations  Big and Small

It might not be a big accomplishment to you but this week I was able to drive to church and back. I was able to walk in without my legs giving way. Coming out of church  I struggled to get to the car.  My legs were so weak and wobbling. A lot of prayer went up.  I had to hang on to the car.   I cried I don't like having to struggle to get from point A to B.

You might think Why didn't Margaret ask for help? Why didn't any one help her. Oh my friend there wasn't any one with Skin on but God came thru for me and helped me.

I have to celebrate the fact that I got to the car without falling or hurting myself with God's help.  I celebrate the fact I was never alone.  I made a choice to not this get me down.

 I completed a sewing project. Until the sewing project has been given I will leave you in suspense what it is. I will say I have had a sense of accomplishment. I am pleased at starting and finishing a project.

I faced a fear this week. I faced a fear about something that might happen this week.
It was so built  in my mind. I finally decided to share my concern with another person.  She prayed with me. As soon as the concern was shared the power of that fear went away.  I faced the fear and guess what it didn't come to pass. 

I am learning that :  God will meet all my needs   Philippians 4:19
The Lord will renew my strength                           Isaiah 40:31   
Cast all your Cares on him for he cares for you.     1 Peter 5:7

This week has had its ups and downs. I am finding joy in the good and not so good.
The joy of the Lord has been my strength and I am bubbling inside of how God is helping me. I find it hard to not be bubbling inside as We have an Awesome God who is trustworthy. Who keeps his word and never back outs on us. Who strengthens me when I am weak and gives me his power to carry on.

 I learned

 We need to invite God to be with us in every activity we are in. To commit our day to Jesus. 
I was restless in a seminar on line this week. I realize that  I need to pray before going to this seminar, I also reminded the lady who was leading the group that we the seminar needs to open in prayer. Jesus needs to be in our midst.

This song expresses my heart. It popped into my after 46 years.  The year my Faith Journey began with Jesus.

Joy Joy my heart is filled with Joy. Joy Joy my heart is filled with Joy.

My Savior dear is ever near That's the reason why my heart is filled with Joy.

I have the Joy Joy down in my heart. I have the love Jesus in my heart.

Its bubbling, It bubbling, It bubbling in my soul, ! Since Jesus made me Whole.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Excerpt from my book

Our communication had broken down. I was going in a different direction in  paying the bills than Maurice. We were not sure which bill to pay next. It came to a crash. We were going to lose our Townhouse.

I was discouraged insdie.  I was hurting. I was having flashback. I went home to mom to think. I left the mess for Maurice to sort out. My legs were not working well and I came to a crisis point.

We moved to a smaller apartment. !~ A one bedroom. We sorted out our finances.   We renewed our marriage vows. Maurice got on to Westons Bakery Full time.!

It was then I began my journey to work out my adoption and about my roots. I began to speak to my aunt  birth mother and it didn't go over well.  In fact she was not open to the subject.

I struggled with the word adoption. I was angry poeple had not been honest with me. was angry at the whole world.  . I was angry at God. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Excerpts from my Book - Searching -

Shortly after Maurice and I were married I began to search for my birth roots.
Before I was married I had found my adoption papers. I found out that my birth name was Linda Marie. This was all mom would share with me.

The anger built up  on the inside  My came out in yelling at Maurice and throwing things. I sent away for information on my birth family and waited.  I was angry at mom for not answering my questions. I took the attitude if mom isn't going to tell me I will find out myself. I waited 2 years. Just before Christmas it came back as a private adoption.  The social worker encouraged me to speak to mom again.
 On our anniversary December 23 I approached mom about my adoption while looking at the family album. Mom continued to not give me answers when I asked about my birth family.  Mom went to soak her ankle as she refused to tell me anything else.  So when mom was in the washroom soaking her foot I asked again.  I heard I told your sister and she can tell you.  I was livid.  I exclaimed that is not fair. You tell my sister and not me.  There was a pause. Mom came out and told me it was an aunt and uncle. My adopted  dad's brother and his wife. The truth had come out. I saw relief on my mom's face.

 The puzzle began to come together. I did belong. I had just changed families. 

I started on a journey of sorting out my adoption. 
more to come from Overwhelmed by God's Grace -uncovering the truth about Adoption.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

God's Comforting Presence

Heart Matters.

Never far from God's Comforting Presence

Psalms 139: 8
Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence.
If I make my bed in the depths you are there.

A month before my wedding I was having a hard time because my dad wouldn't be walking me down the aisle. I missed my dad. Dad had passed away 2 years earlier.
One night when I was crying and missing my dad I had a dream.  In my dream my dad appeared. I was set to go down  the aisle with my uncle at the church where I was to be married. I turned and there was my dad dressed in a new suit and tie.  I looked at dad in the eyes. In my dream I said Dad you are suppose to be dead.  I looked into his eyes and at that moment I heard Dad say. Margaret I came for your wedding. I may not be there physically for you but I am in your heart.  I love you Margaret.  Dad was then gone then.  I felt a peace come over me. I turned and my uncle asked if I was okay and  I said ok and my uncle prayed with me.  God had comforted me in my dream.  Even in my dreams God had comforted me in my grief of dad not being there. I had been sad and God met me where I was at.

I was never out of sight of God. He was watching over me. He had brought Maurice into my life after my dad had passed away. My mom had prayed that God would bring someone into my life and he is and is always there for me.

Our Wedding Day
December 23,1989
 Story Taken from my Book
 Overwhelmed by God's Grace
My Parents
Clifford and Hazel Etcher

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Surrounded in God's Love.

Psalms 139:5

You hem me in behind and before you have laid your hand upon me.
Wow what powerful verse and message.  I am hemed in God's love  and it is all around me. God's hand is all around me.  I am hidden in his hands of love.

Unfortunately there have been days I wondered about God's love. for me and I have not felt God's love.
I had this feeling about 10 years back when the townhouse connected to us caught fire. I wondered why our fire alarm hadn't gone off and the neighbors  alarm did and they  were not.

  • Where was God when we were smoked out in the middle of the night on Christmas Day ? 

         I would wake up in the night and I would see smoke and wonder why the alarm had not gone off.

  • Psalms 37:4 The  angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him and he delivers them. .

  • Why did we have to stay out so long out of our home and where was he?

                    We were out of our home for over 2 months.  

  • God's love sorrounded me and enclosed me and even though
  •  I didn't feel it God was there Is49:2   

  •     Another thought  came thru was we could have been next door and lost everything and lost our lives.

For about 10 years I was fearful leading up to Christmas Day.  After Christmas I would be okay.

Then  healing came.

 I realized that I was not alone when we left the townhouse then God had gone thru the fire with us. We were not alone.  God was with me and he had his hand on both my husband mom and dog Kayla.   Our neighbors took us in. Later on we went to my mom's home.
  • Family and Church rallie around us.  
  • I knew that God had his hand on us and protected us from injury. 

 It took me a while to heal and to realize that God was there during that dark time of my life.

We don't always feel God's love but because Scriptures says

  • Our home was on the left hand side of the burnt one.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Tickle Me

Why isn't Elmo laughing? 

Who do I have to Cuddle Elmo?

For Christmas Pedro was given an Elmo.  If you touch Elmo he says that tickles.  The first time Pedro heard the voice He looked around to see where the voice was coming from. The More Pedro heard the voice of Elmo the more he started to feel afraid. Pedro went to my husband  Maurice for safety. We learned that As long as Elmo voice doesn't  come  on Pedro will sit close to  Elmo.

I was going to put on a application but I couldn't think of one. Lets keep life light and learn to laugh and not be afraid to have some fun. Lets not take life too seriously.  The Joy of the Lord is our Strength.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cold House

Last night on the coldest night during this winter season we don't have heat.
I could dwell on the cold house, and the furnace needs to be working.

 Why the furnace stopped working after not even 2 years.
 We spent a whole night under the covers.
Before you think I am perfect person --- I am not very patient. !

 This is  what is going through my head. That man is not working very fast to get my  house warm. This could have been fixed during the day time and it not take being over night. I didn't sleep very well last night. ! I am cranky. I am not feeling overly thankful.  Sometimes the feelings get in the way.

So I dwell on the facts of the situation. Sometimes you have to look

! Well Praise God, He is faithful . He loves me! all the time whether I react postively or not !
  There were some bright spots. !

We had a fireplace to keep us warm.

 Maurice came home to put on the fireplace. I had warm blankets.

! We don't have to pay for the motor as the furnace is under warranty. !

The man has shown up to fix our furnace. !  

Keep my attitudes warm in my heart to be thankful. Keep bitter feelings out.

Romans 2

Romans 2: 2

Now we know that God's judgment against those who do such things is based on truth.

Romans 2:4

Or  do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness and tolerance and patience not realizing God 's kindness leads you to ward repentance.

In kindness God holds back his wrath giving people time to repent.

What stands out to me is how God is gracious and kind towards us. He is loving and welcomes us with open arms when we come to repent of our sinful ways. God is more patient with us than how we are patient with others. We are still dealing with the flesh.

 God is almighty God. God is Holy and is without sin ! God is just.
By God's power we can follow his example of  his love.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Romans 1

A challenge went out to Facebook areaders from Gwen Smith from Girlfriends in God to read thru the book of Romans and let God speak to us

Romans 1:25. .

The verse that stuck out to me was

vs 25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie. and worshiped served created things rather than the Creator who is forever praised Amen.

 I had to ask myself this question. How often do I seek for the wisdom of man rather than God.

How often I get impatient and want an immediate answer from people rather than  God's wisdom.

Another thought came to mind? Do I seek the media for truth instead of God's word?

Are my attitudes lining up with the word of God?

Am I making decisions based on God's word or is it by my feelings.

At the moment I am seeking God for the  right moment to speak with  someone. I have asked God several times and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer when the right moment is. I haven't had peace about when to do this.  I get impatient and want see this  situation be resolved . God hasn't shown me when. I admit I have been impatient and want an answer.

I have to be patient and put this in the hands of God.  


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