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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Excerpts from my Book - Searching -

Shortly after Maurice and I were married I began to search for my birth roots.
Before I was married I had found my adoption papers. I found out that my birth name was Linda Marie. This was all mom would share with me.

The anger built up  on the inside  My came out in yelling at Maurice and throwing things. I sent away for information on my birth family and waited.  I was angry at mom for not answering my questions. I took the attitude if mom isn't going to tell me I will find out myself. I waited 2 years. Just before Christmas it came back as a private adoption.  The social worker encouraged me to speak to mom again.
 On our anniversary December 23 I approached mom about my adoption while looking at the family album. Mom continued to not give me answers when I asked about my birth family.  Mom went to soak her ankle as she refused to tell me anything else.  So when mom was in the washroom soaking her foot I asked again.  I heard I told your sister and she can tell you.  I was livid.  I exclaimed that is not fair. You tell my sister and not me.  There was a pause. Mom came out and told me it was an aunt and uncle. My adopted  dad's brother and his wife. The truth had come out. I saw relief on my mom's face.

 The puzzle began to come together. I did belong. I had just changed families. 

I started on a journey of sorting out my adoption. 
more to come from Overwhelmed by God's Grace -uncovering the truth about Adoption.

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