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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cold House

Last night on the coldest night during this winter season we don't have heat.
I could dwell on the cold house, and the furnace needs to be working.

 Why the furnace stopped working after not even 2 years.
 We spent a whole night under the covers.
Before you think I am perfect person --- I am not very patient. !

 This is  what is going through my head. That man is not working very fast to get my  house warm. This could have been fixed during the day time and it not take being over night. I didn't sleep very well last night. ! I am cranky. I am not feeling overly thankful.  Sometimes the feelings get in the way.

So I dwell on the facts of the situation. Sometimes you have to look

! Well Praise God, He is faithful . He loves me! all the time whether I react postively or not !
  There were some bright spots. !

We had a fireplace to keep us warm.

 Maurice came home to put on the fireplace. I had warm blankets.

! We don't have to pay for the motor as the furnace is under warranty. !

The man has shown up to fix our furnace. !  

Keep my attitudes warm in my heart to be thankful. Keep bitter feelings out.

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