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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Tickle Me

Why isn't Elmo laughing? 

Who do I have to Cuddle Elmo?

For Christmas Pedro was given an Elmo.  If you touch Elmo he says that tickles.  The first time Pedro heard the voice He looked around to see where the voice was coming from. The More Pedro heard the voice of Elmo the more he started to feel afraid. Pedro went to my husband  Maurice for safety. We learned that As long as Elmo voice doesn't  come  on Pedro will sit close to  Elmo.

I was going to put on a application but I couldn't think of one. Lets keep life light and learn to laugh and not be afraid to have some fun. Lets not take life too seriously.  The Joy of the Lord is our Strength.


Salina said...

This is so cute Margaret, so is Pedro. My husband and I have a dog who loves his stuffed animals. Whenever I take him outside, he has to run in the other room to grab his favorite to take out with him, which happens to be a big ole red Clifford Dog. It sure is funny seeing this big boxer come running through the house with Clifford grasped between his teeth. Life is so short, so we need to take advantage of the lighter moments God so graciously grants us. Thanks!

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