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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Excerpt from my book

Our communication had broken down. I was going in a different direction in  paying the bills than Maurice. We were not sure which bill to pay next. It came to a crash. We were going to lose our Townhouse.

I was discouraged insdie.  I was hurting. I was having flashback. I went home to mom to think. I left the mess for Maurice to sort out. My legs were not working well and I came to a crisis point.

We moved to a smaller apartment. !~ A one bedroom. We sorted out our finances.   We renewed our marriage vows. Maurice got on to Westons Bakery Full time.!

It was then I began my journey to work out my adoption and about my roots. I began to speak to my aunt  birth mother and it didn't go over well.  In fact she was not open to the subject.

I struggled with the word adoption. I was angry poeple had not been honest with me. was angry at the whole world.  . I was angry at God. 

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