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Friday, January 27, 2012

Straight From My Heart

This has been a interesting week.

 Celebrations  Big and Small

It might not be a big accomplishment to you but this week I was able to drive to church and back. I was able to walk in without my legs giving way. Coming out of church  I struggled to get to the car.  My legs were so weak and wobbling. A lot of prayer went up.  I had to hang on to the car.   I cried I don't like having to struggle to get from point A to B.

You might think Why didn't Margaret ask for help? Why didn't any one help her. Oh my friend there wasn't any one with Skin on but God came thru for me and helped me.

I have to celebrate the fact that I got to the car without falling or hurting myself with God's help.  I celebrate the fact I was never alone.  I made a choice to not this get me down.

 I completed a sewing project. Until the sewing project has been given I will leave you in suspense what it is. I will say I have had a sense of accomplishment. I am pleased at starting and finishing a project.

I faced a fear this week. I faced a fear about something that might happen this week.
It was so built  in my mind. I finally decided to share my concern with another person.  She prayed with me. As soon as the concern was shared the power of that fear went away.  I faced the fear and guess what it didn't come to pass. 

I am learning that :  God will meet all my needs   Philippians 4:19
The Lord will renew my strength                           Isaiah 40:31   
Cast all your Cares on him for he cares for you.     1 Peter 5:7

This week has had its ups and downs. I am finding joy in the good and not so good.
The joy of the Lord has been my strength and I am bubbling inside of how God is helping me. I find it hard to not be bubbling inside as We have an Awesome God who is trustworthy. Who keeps his word and never back outs on us. Who strengthens me when I am weak and gives me his power to carry on.

 I learned

 We need to invite God to be with us in every activity we are in. To commit our day to Jesus. 
I was restless in a seminar on line this week. I realize that  I need to pray before going to this seminar, I also reminded the lady who was leading the group that we the seminar needs to open in prayer. Jesus needs to be in our midst.

This song expresses my heart. It popped into my after 46 years.  The year my Faith Journey began with Jesus.

Joy Joy my heart is filled with Joy. Joy Joy my heart is filled with Joy.

My Savior dear is ever near That's the reason why my heart is filled with Joy.

I have the Joy Joy down in my heart. I have the love Jesus in my heart.

Its bubbling, It bubbling, It bubbling in my soul, ! Since Jesus made me Whole.

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