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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Straight from My Heart A Check up.

Straight from My Heart  A Check up
Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to sit down and listen to what God has to say to me. I have been honest and frank.. A lot of my thoughts are pretty raw and it shows the real me.  Maybe you can relate.
I hear testimonies of how God is working in their life and I wonder if they are who they say they are , I wonder if God is truly authentic. Celebrities seem to be perky on the television but what are they like  at home and when  no one is looking?
How come these people are getting all the attention?

A friend of mine said something very profound. It probrally took them a while to be where they are  today. \being a  celebrity didn't come automatically. They still have their days.

I have to admit that I am judgmental when I listen to stories of success   I ask  myself was I truly listening to their story and God's voice or to the enemies lies.

I would love to be on Television and I would like to see my writing to be promoted and for people to take notice .  How come they to do this and I do not.    I fell into this pity party trap.

As I was writing I heard  God speak into my heart in his still small voice  that God is  the one who promotes you.  S eek God first and  have him to promote you.  Don't let the world or the church promote you but let God promote you.

God is the one who builds us up.

I guess sometimes I fall into the trap that people only see my limitations . In side my heart  I wonder  if people will see Jesus.  My focus is not on Jesus  but on myself. What others think of me is their opinion and it is only a opinion.

I  am sometimes not focused on  what the   Holy Spirit is speaking into my life. . I need to listen and  depend on the Holy Spirit 24/7 . I want Jesus to permeate his love and his light,to  radiate in me so that people will know I am in touch with Jesus all the time. 

This months devotional I am reading on is about adversity and I have to admit I am not really excited about it.
As I write in my journal I hear the small soft voice from the  Holy Spirit It's God's word. God's word is truth. Ask me to speak to you and I will speak through my word. 

 I realize I need  Gods correction in my heart big time.
I need to rest and listen to God's voice and slow down.

Jesus I commit to listening to your Holy Spirit on a regular basis for everything.
I commit to reading your word dilgently.
I am going to complain less and pray more.

I remember who I am ! in Christ and I ask Jesus for you to promote me and not myself,


Rainbowbutterfly said...

Interesting observations. It is when we do not judge and can accept the other person for who they are that we can enjoy them. It is God who knows the hearts. We are to encourage and be encouraged.

Salina said...


I think we are all like this from time to time. We all need to take a moment to catch our breath and reevaluate our motives in why we do and think the things we do.

For myself, I used to do the pity party quite often. I felt like if I didn't get a comment on something I wrote then I was a failure. In fact the first three years I posted to my blog I didn't have any feedback.

Once I meditated on my motives, God helped me to see that when I write my devotions I do it to bless others, BUT first I do it to uplift myself.

Like I said on the other post I started writing as a form of healing and I find that God is doing that very slowly in my life.

God bless you Margaret. I can see God in your life and I'm glad you are part of our group. ♥

Dawn said...

Hi Margaret,

I ask the same question myself, "I wonder do they see Jesus". I love how you write whatever is on your heart. You are real and I love that about you! I also need to sit and listen to God more. Let's work on this together?!?!


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