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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Straight From my Heart

I never realized it until today that I was sugar coating difficult areas in my life.
 I realize the best way to write a blog is to pray before I write. 

February, is the month that I have least like over the last couple of years. The reason behind this is my birth mother  and father gave me up for adoption when I was 7 days old. I have been sworn to secrecy not to tell certain people in my family about my adoption as it has been a secret. We want your birth mom to save face.

 My questions Why?  My Response  
 53 years ago my birth mother gave up her legal rights at being my mother. She gave  birth to me and I will be forever grateful to her.  My birth mother is very much apart of me as my mom was. I  have characteristics of both mothers. 

Lets celebrate that I am here not the circumstances around my beginnings.

In February I am sad over the lost of my birth mother. In February I am sad because my mom is in heaven. I miss  my mom.

These feelings have hung over my head for a long time.  Saving face to spare someones feelings. Whispering and being quiet because I have written a book telling about my feelings about my adoption and my experience  of finding out my beginnings.

Secrecy -  My Life has  not been hidden from God.

My family might have tried to cover up my beginnings to save face. My family were reluctant to tell me and hid it from me the truth.

I thank God that my frame was not hidden to God. He knew the circumstances of my adoption and loved me.

I am thankful that I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

 Psalms 139: 7 Where can I flee from your presence.

Psalms 139:15 My frame was not hidden by God.

I am thankful that I have been able to write honestly and get what has been on my mind.

So Friends and Family my beginnings are apart of who I am. I cannot change my beginnings nor will I try to hide my life from others.

So I am celebrating 53 years of life. I am leaving behind the old feelings and exchanging them for celebrating that I am a chosen adopted child of the King of kings.

This has taken courage for me to write this. This has been liberating



Anita said...

Wow Margaret, another powerful post.

I know that my husband who was adopted, finds great strength and comfort in that we are adopted into God's family; together we are all sisters and brothers in Christ.

God bless, my sister in Christ :)

Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing your heart! I love this, "My Life has not been hidden from God." You are a beautiful woman of God!

Starla Espinoza said...

Liberation is the name of the game. Joyce Meyer always says, "I may not have had the best beginning but I will have a great ending" or something to that affect. You go girl, I'm proud of you. Secrets can drive us insane. A burden has been lifted and now you can soar like an eagle.

Lori said...

Margaret, I love how you tell your story. Always inspiring!

Salina said...

Margaret, you have a beautiful soul. My heart aches when I hear stories like this, but I'm glad to read how you realize you are His child and He will never forsake you.
I think I can speak for all the BiG Sisters....we care a lot about you and are so glad that you are in our "family."


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