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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Day 1988 Straight from My Heart -

Valentines Day Date.
I remember my first Valentines date. I dressed up for valentines day. I had a red dress on and I had my hair styled for the special occasion. I dreamed of pink carnation. flowers and a few chocolates.

I waited for Maurice to arrive. The door bell of many chimes chimed a few tunes. I ran up from my basement apartment stairs to the back stairs. There was Maurice Dressed in a short jacket and sweater and a blue jeans. I tried to not to show it in facial expressions but I was disappointed. When Maurice came in he told me how great lovely I looked in my dress but I might be more comfortable in a pair of dress pants. I melted inside. The distress disappeared and I went and changed.
The evening begins with out a hitch.
We put our coats on and we drove to the restaurant. Everything seemed so perfect. I was out with a tall and dark handsome man. Maurice's brown eyes sparkled in delight. Oh how I loved a man with deep brown eyes.
We were seated at the restaurant and we ordered. I am not sure what Maurice ordered. I do remember what I ordered, Chicken - Parmasan. I savored the taste in my mouth. We talked about what we would do after dinner. Maurice sugguested we go to visit my sister and her husband and their little girl Andrea. So drove back to my apartment and phone my sister. They were free. We drove the hour to my sisters. We had cake and coffee . I watched Maurice and he warmed up to my niece Andrea who was 3 1/2 at the time. She drew him pictures. He appeared a bit nervous around my sister and her husband.
Meeting Family
After a little visit we started back for my place. Maurice stopped for gas. My stomach started to churn and I felt crampy with sharp pains. I was full of my own gas.  I has hoping that this would be all I would experience. This was not to be the case. My stomach began to hurt mmore and splat my coat was covered. Maurice pulled over. to the side of the highway and again I threw up. I knew Maurice was proud of his new car and I was careful not to be sick in his car. I only managed to get the seat belt a bit. My new coat got the brunt of it. It upset me becasue my coat had been purchased from a Savings Bond that had been left to me from my Grandma.
Stomach Sickness - Car Spared
We arrived back to my apartment and I was sick once more. I wondered if I would get to the door so I asked Maurice to walk me to the door. Maurice had not learned some of the finer points about dating. They really should teach about dating to guys. I managed to get into my apartment in time to reach the washroom again.

Disappointment over Date
I phoned the Pastors wife in tears. I was so sick and I felt I had ruined my date with Maurice. My dreams of what a valentines date had been dashed. The pastors wife comforted me and helped me see that I hadn't ruined the date but these things happen. I slept in the living room that night. I maybe should have made my bed in the washroom.
 Annual Sunday morning callReinforcements come~
The next morning the phone rang at 9 and it was mom.  Mom always called me Sunday morning to see how we were doing. I told her what had happened with my Valentine date and how I had been up all night sick. Mom offered to come up. I siad yes please. I was dizzy and I couldn't stand on my feet I was so week. I contintued to sleep on the couch off and on. I managed to tell the lady upstairs mom was coming and then I was back into the washroom. It was so comforting to have mom there to help me. Mom did the clean up. I don't think I need to give the details! You can use your own imagination.

The next day Mom took me to the doctor to see whether I had food poisioning or not. I stayed home from work that day. It was nice to have moms company. My dad had only been gone 3 months and I was have a hard time with dad's passing. We both were able to comfort each other.

I was afraid that after being so sick that I would scare Maurice away. Well that fear was dashed. That year I was engaged to Maurice and A year later I was married to Maurice.

Mom had prayed after my dad had passed that a man would come into my life. God answered that prayer. Maurice is the love of my life. We have grown to love each other and Maurice is my best friend as well as my Valentine.

Our first Valentine celebration was in 1988. Maurice knows my likes and dislikes. He knows to buy flowers for Valentines and Mothers Day and our Anniversary. I am a mother to Pedro our 4 legged baby. I still don't dress up for Valentines date and I still don't like Chicken Parmesan. Mom is gone now but the memory of showing love to me after I was so sick willnever go forgotten.

For some of you who are wondering what does Maurice get? Never mind! none of your business. I do ramdamly get something at the store for him when we are out.

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