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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Overwhelmed by God's Grace Uncovering the Truth about adoption

Overwhelmed by God's Grace 


 the truth

about  adoption

Margaret Etcher Theriault

Came out in January 2011

Margaret always knew she was adopted. She was told she was "chosen" and "special"
but she alway wondered why her roots needed to be such a big secret. 

When the truth finally came out, the struggle for acceptance and belonging intensified
But then there came healing and a growing understanding
 of the deep love and grace of God.

Margaret Etcher Theriault lives in Kitchener,Ontario
 with her husband, Maurica and dog Pedro.
Margaret runs a business that
 makes baskets for all occasions.
Mother Mugs Baskets and Sewing,  
Guardian Books
Essence Publishing
Bellville,Ontario Canada


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